The Quick-Change Picture Frame

 "Change your pictures in 3 seconds without taking the frame off the wall!"


Pronounced "quick frames", The world's fastest easy change picture frames are now available to make your next gallery frame wall a dream come true! Now it's easy to change family photos, children's artwork, or decor prints in seconds without removing the frame from the wall. With peel and stick installation you can hang your whole gallery wall in minutes. Just lift, switch, and enjoy a fresh new look for your home or office in seconds! QIK FRAMEs are available in standard sizes and gallery wall sets.

Change pictures in 3 seconds or less, without removing the frame from the wall.

10pc Gallery Wall Set - Q53 Century - Black 10pc Gallery Wall Set - Q53 Century - White 5pc Gallery Wall Set - Q53 Century - Black 5pc Gallery Wall Set - Q53 Century - White 12pc Gallery Wall Set - Q20 Matrix


Gallery Wall Sets

Update your home with new family pictures, fun printables, or seasonal images. With QIK FRAME, it's easy!

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Change the look.
Keep the frame.

Save time and money. QIK FRAME works with any standard size print. Just lift, switch, & enjoy! Plus, you can store extra prints right in the frame!

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What's the word?

The best frame ever!!!!

I just love how easy it is to set up and to change the pictures. Also the quality is super sturdy and amazing! I love it.

Nicole E.

This is an amazing product.

I did a post a few years back about gallery walls incorporating kids’ artwork. This is a game changer for sure.


"LOOK what I did! MYSELF

and there's not a single hole in the wall!"

I said to hubby when he came home.  :-)

Alisha G.

The world first "man-free" frame. ;)


I was worried they might fall, but months later, they're still great!  And I love being able to change pictures whenever I want!


This kind of framing style will liberate the digital images and transform them into printed art work.


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