Adjustments & Troubleshooting

"Once you try QIK FRAME™,
you'll never buy another traditional frame!"

However, as anything new, there are a few things to learn. Try these QIK tips:

My print does not lay flat against the glass

Remove the print and check to see that tabs on the QIK FRAME backing are bent out enough to touch the glass when frame is down. Not all tabs may be needed. Adjust by bending tabs further out or bend more tabs as needed.  If you bend the tabs too far, press firmly at the base of the tab to flatten.

If the paper or print is very thin, adding a thicker stock paper or print help.  Storing extra prints in the fame can actually help smooth out the appearance.

Please don't expect QIK FRAME to flatten a wrinkled, warped, or bent print.  Sorry ;-)  (The subtle balance of gravity and the gentle pressure of the spring tabs is all that is pressing the print against the glass... That's the genius of QIK FRAME! 

Frame does not hang flat against the wall

You tabs may be bent too far. Press firmly at the base of the tabs to reduce the bend.

Frame was not installed level

That's okay!  Even after you hang the frame, you still have some room for adjustment. Just detach the frame, adjust, and reattach. (see Rotate for details and a video example.) 

The best part is that your QIK FRAME stays level after you've adjusted it!

If it's a little beyond "fine tuning", you can always remove the backing from the wall and reattach with replacement adhesive. We recommend 3M™ Command® Strips is a replacement.  (For more info, see our "Relocate" page.) For best results, make sure to place the adhesive right along the fold line.

The plastic backing shows below the frame in Horizontal (Landscape) position.

No problem.  You just need to trim the plastic backing with scissors, just above the bottom row of tabs.  

(The thinner the frame, and the larger the overall frame size, the more likely this will occur due to the discrepancy of the aspect ratio.)

If you switch back to Vertical after it's cut, that's ok.  It will still work. 

You can also bend a couple of the unused tabs down (inverted) to press gently against and support your print in the frame at the bottom if returned to vertical (portrait) position after it's trimmed, like this:


Remember, NEVER PULL ON THE FRAME to remove it!  The QIK FRAME adhesives and components are very strong.  It is likely you will remove paint before the Velcro® detaches.  Always separate the Velcro before detaching the frame. 

(see Rotate for details and video.) 

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