3. Rotate — portrait or landscape

DETACH THE FRAME – To remove the frame from the wall, raise the frame and press down on the backing flap to separate the Velcro® hook and loop. 


Always separate the Velcro first!

ATTACH THE FRAME – Position the frame against the wall over the backing. Align the Velcro hook and loop. Lower the frame and gently press to connect.



If your frame is not perfectly level, that's ok!  You still have a few degrees of adjustment, even after you place the frame. Just detach the frame, adjust, and reattach.

Remember, NEVER PULL ON THE FRAME!  The QIK FRAME adhesives and components are very strong.  Chances are, you will remove paint before the Velcro detaches.  Always lift and separate the Velcro pieces before detaching the frame.

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