1. Installation — fast (no nails)

It Really Is Easy!

Stop guessing where to put the nail. With QIK FRAME™, you don't use nails at all!  Just place your frame where you want it.  Simply peel and stick.

1 – Make sure your surface is clean and dry.  Clean gently with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.   (Do not use household cleaners.)

2 – Remove the protective layer from the adhesive strips. 

3 – Carefully position the frame and press firmly against the wall for ~30 seconds.



That's it! 

No nails, No holes, No guess work!



Concerned about getting it perfectly level?  Use a small bubble level on top of the frame for initial placement.  

If it's not perfectly level, that's okay! Even after you place the frame, you still have a few degrees of adjustment . Just detach the frame, adjust, and reattach. (Watch our Rotate video for more tips.) 

The best part is that your QIK FRAME stays level after you've adjusted it.

Remember, NEVER PULL ON THE FRAME!  The QIK FRAME adhesives and components are very strong.  It is likely that you will remove paint before the Velcro® detaches.  Always lift and separate the Velcro pieces before detaching the frame.

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