Nail-In Option

For hard-to-stick surfaces (and added safety), secure the QIK FRAME™ backing with the included T-Pin* just below the hinge line. 

1 – Detach your QIK FRAME from the QIK FRAME backing. (See "Rotate"for details and video.) 

2 – Push the T-pin through the backing just below the hinge line and nail into sheetrock wall at 45° angle downward until it is flat against the backing. The "T" part of the pin should lay horizontal just below the hinge line.

*Not included with all models



Remember, NEVER PULL ON THE FRAME!  The QIK FRAME adhesives and components are very strong.  It's likely you will remove paint before the Velcro® detaches.  Always lift and separate the Velcro pieces before detaching the frame.

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