2. Use — lift & switch

Lift, Switch & Enjoy!

IN – Lift the frame.  Place your print against the inside of the glass.  Rest the print on the bottom edge of the frame window as you lower the frame.

OUT – As you lift the frame, the print will fall back. Grasp the edge of the print and remove from the side.


See how easy it is it easy to update your family photos, artistic creations or even those adorable decor prints you find on Etsy and Pinterest. 

QIK FRAME is great for office and businesses too!

Need to change pictures information or signs often?  Here are 7 great ideas for using QIK FRAME at your retail store or office.

  1. Create a Sales Wall - Showcases your top sales staff
  2. Update your Employee of the Month (Week / Year)
  3. Keep the reception area looking fresh - change the decor
  4. Feature relevant news and information about your company
  5. Post important announcements for your staff
  6. Display Holiday Hours or other timely information for customers to see,
  7. Signs! - Save money by turning any simple print into a beautiful sign. And, being easy to change is a great feature


  • Jay

    Hi Louise,

    Thank you for sharing your concerns!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about newer paint unless you have really poor paint adhesion, such as a cheaper new paint over poorly prepared oil based paint, or maybe layers of old paint that tends to separate or chip easily. Certainly you could test a frame, (we do offer a full refund or replacement) and I don’t see an order for you on our website or we would gladly give you a refund :-)

    So far, less than 1% have reported any problems. Things to watch for may be poor paint adhesion as mentioned (not adhesive), and vintage lathe and plaster walls may not be the best fit. Any signs of poor adhesion will usually show in the first 24 hours.

    Also, we recommend installing the T-pin if you have any reason to doubt using the adhesive alone.

  • Louise O'Rourke

    Perhaps this would do well in a business, but I don’t relish applying this to my newly painted walls. There is no way to really know that it will not fall off the wall. I want a refund.

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