QIK FRAME - Q53 Century - Black
QIK FRAME - Q53 Century - Black
QIK FRAME - Q53 Century - Black
QIK FRAME - Q53 Century - Black
QIK FRAME - Q53 Century - Black
QIK FRAME - Q53 Century - Black
QIK FRAME - Q53 Century - Black
QIK FRAME - Q53 Century - Black

QIK FRAME - Q53 Century - Black

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Q53 Century - Black is a modern moulding with a classic feel of quality and elegance.  The clean black finish adds a bold contrast on light colored walls but also offers an rich feel to warmer toned decor.  The 2" moulding is just the right size to accent fine artwork, decor prints, or treasured family pictures.

Available Sizes

  • 11x14  (overall size 15x19x1.25 inches )
  • 8x10  (overall size 12x14x1.25 inches)
  • 5x7  (overall size 9x11x1.25 inches)

Each QIK FRAME includes

Imagine a gallery wall filled with the people, places, of art you love most. Now imagine you could change your gallery wall any time you like - instantly!  With QIK FRAME, you can. Style your home effortlessly. Update your family pictures in seconds. Refresh your decor for seasons and holidays. Display your family's latest artwork and creations – simply and easily. 

Change pictures in seconds

10X easier to install
100X faster to change

than traditional picture frames.

QIK FRAME looks like any other picture frame, but with these great benefits:

Fast  –  QIK FRAME is easy to change thanks to a hinged backing. Just lift the frame to change pictures without ever removing the frame from the wall.

Damage Free  –  QIK FRAME hangs in seconds with the included removable adhesive*. Great for damage free hanging in homes, dorm rooms, apartments, or offices.  Nail-in option is also available for hard-to-stick surfaces.

Safe and Secure  –  The QIK FRAME backing has bendable spring tabs that distribute gentle pressure holding your photo print or artwork neatly in the frame. Unlike traditional picture frames, QIK FRAME is manufactured with the glass secured in the frame. 

Discrete  –  The backing is thin and clear and remains completely unnoticed behind the frame, but also helps protect your wall against damage. 

Flexible  –  Switch vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) even after hanging, and you never have to straighten the frame again.

Save Money  –  Many prefer buying a new frame, rather than the hassle of changing the pictures in a traditional frame. QIK FRAME makes changing pictures effortless, plus you can store extra prints right in the frame. Most QIK FRAMEs will hold 6-12 prints, depending on the thickness.  You can even hide documents or cash for "qik" access.

Watch how easy




Each QIK FRAME is carefully crafted sturdy and lightweight composite using up to 85% recycled polystyrene from clean industrial waste. The uniquely durable and chemical resistant finishes are selected from among from finest the world. You'll enjoy a rich authentic look with impeccable consistency and added peace of mind. You're not just beautifying your home of office, you're helping to make the world a more beautiful place, too.

Get started today!

*For adhesive replacement, we recommend 3M® Command™ Strips.

Patent Pending

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