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Worried about the layout? Don't be!

Try our new QIK FRAME Gallery Wall Designer.  Create and save your favorite layouts.  Plus, it's FREE!



↔️ Move ↩️ Rotate

Arrange the frames to create just the right look!  (...without lifting more than your mouse finger :-) 

✨ Magic guides make alignment  🔛easy!

Create ▫️◻️ ⬜ ◻️▫️

Use our pre-made designs or create your own!

🔼 Upload a picture of your wall  🏠 to visualize how a QIK FRAME Gallery Wall Set will look in your home. 

Visualize  🔼

Upload your pictures 👪and art 🖼️to see how they will look in the frames!

You can even save  📁and share your favorites.

When you're done, export 📁 or print 🖨️ your design as a guide for easy installation.

OK, let's do this!

(Design all you want – It's Free! :)

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